Hospitality Training & Team Building

Build a Team of Experts

Turn your team into the best in your market with Benada Hospitality Solutions’ proven hospitality training practices and team building programs. Our customized training programs draw on the expertise of our in-house consultants and our partner hotel schools, focusing on proven training techniques.

From the owner’s suite to the GM’s office to the front desk, our hospitality training and team building programs improve the performance of individuals and teams alike.

Benada Hospitality Employee Training Programs:

  • Customized department- and area-specific training
  • Innovative “train the trainer” sessions – teaching management to train junior staff
  • Owner, investor and upper management training

Specialized Training Option:

  • Customized Management Certification at New York University (NYU)
  • Miscellaneous coursework at NYU
  • Available to clients in the United States


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