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Benada Hospitality Solutions provides service with passion and expertise. We seek to inspire, innovate and improve the travel experience of both travelers and those in the hospitality industry.

Our travel services provide start-to-end assistance for travelers who are seeking unique experiences, an effortless planning process, and seamless stays in an array of destinations across North America. Put simply: you dream it, we’ll arrange it. Business travel, family travel arrangements, group stays, romance and leisure packages, medical tourism, and more are covered by our team of expert consultants.


Benada’s hospitality sales and marketing consultancy provides the tools hotels, resorts and restaurants need to succeed in the ever-evolving hospitality landscape. Our expert team performs general strategy consulting, staff training and team building, technology services implementation and assessment, and much more.


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At Benada, Clients Come First.

Leisure Travel Services

NYC Travel Services

From itinerary planning to check-in to shipping goods home, Benada Hospitality assists you with every step of the leisure travel planning process. We work directly with you and our service providers throughout New York City on a one-on-one basis to personalize your next trip, making it memorable, seamless and easy.

Business Travel Services

Sales & Marketing

Benada Hospitality will plan each and every detail of your corporate trip, giving you the time and energy necessary to succeed in your business meetings, business conferences and business events. From hotel bookings, transportation arrangements, venue rental, and sightseeing options through to your flight home are customized and tailored to your specifications.

Medical Travel Services

Medical Travel Services

Remove the extra stress from your medical travel experience with Benada Hospitality. We ensure every step of your medical trip is taken care of ahead of time, connecting you with leading doctors, making hotel reservations near the hospital, and providing one-on-one consultancy with our in-house medical professionals.

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