Benada Hospitality Solutions is a progressive New York City-based company that meets the unique needs of travelers and hotels alike.

The foundation of the company lies in our custom travel planning services, which extend to every major city in North America.

We strive to make travel effortless, memorable and truly special for every client by combining our travel

planning expertise with local knowledge on authentic dining, nightlife and sightseeing experiences.

In addition to our custom leisure and corporate travel planning services, Benada Hospitality Solutions caters to hotels, resorts and restaurants seeking

to improve staff performance, in-house technology services, labor union law compliance, and financial reporting processes.



At Benada, clients come first.

Travel Services

Benada Hospitality Solutions provides service with passion and expertise. We seek to inspire, innovate and improve the travel experience of both travelers and those in the hospitality industry.

Sales and Marketing

Our travel services provide start-to-end assistance for travelers who are seeking unique experiences, an effortless planning process, and seamless stays in an array of destinations across North America. Put simply: you dream it, we’ll arrange it. Business travel, family travel arrangements, group stays, romance and leisure packages, medical tourism, and more are covered by our team of expert consultants.

Technology Solutions

Benada’s hospitality sales and marketing consultancy provides the tools hotels, resorts and restaurants need to succeed in the ever-evolving hospitality landscape. Our expert team performs general strategy consulting, staff training and team building, technology services implementation and assessment, and much more.




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